About Cédric

The beauty often lies in the simplicity – but it is art, to make the simple things beautiful. A clear message combined with unique aesthetics – that’s Cédric’s claim. With an eye for details and a feel for the harmony between story, picture, sound, and emotion he’s producing exciting projects for film, photography and design. For years he has been working with industry leaders such as Prof. Dr. Jack Nasher, Viktor Kee, Wangler, GmbH & Co. KG, Powerstation Studios, IC Immoconsult GmbH and Andreas Trienbacher.

To excite people – that’s his Vision. With every single production, Cédric tells a story with the goal, to touch people emotionally and build your brand by that.

Often the Details make the small, but important difference. The combination between picture & music, story and aesthetic – to find this unique mix is Cédric’s profession and passion.




Born in 1998 as the son of a french artist and a german woman, the pasion for art was a gift in his cradle. His passion for motion pictures, filmscores and great design are not only his passion, but also his obsession and profession.

Passion, emotion and aesthetics – Cédric combines all of those in his work as a creative director and media producer.

He is an artist, who is doing the things he loves the most every single day with an incredible amount of passion, dedication, and limitles curiosity: Telling stories and producing emotional movies, photos and designs.